Panda 2.6 Update Friday October 14th, 2011 Report/Updates

By Ian Mason  Oct 17, 2011 in Panda, SEO  No Comments

The latest Google Panda updated rolled out (or just began) on October 14th.

Two hours before my wife and I rushed to catch our Southwest flight to hang out with my parents. That’s when one of my highest quality properties got a big ‘ol kick in the balls. With a steel toe boot.

I’m diversified so it didn’t hurt as badly as it could have. But like many, I’m extremely angry that my quality property is now outranked by my worst properties.

Google Loves 2-Page Spam Sites With Spun Content?

That’s what many aff marketers noticed in G results after Friday, October 14th. Older, larger, socially-proofed, engaging sites with diverse, quality, ‘strong’ backlink profiles seem to be hammered; low quality mini-sites have taken their places in the SERPS.

What Can We Learn From This?

Many of us are being dramatic, saying “well I guess G doesn’t want quality after all… f*ck all this i quit.” I say we continue building high quality properties that do all the ‘right’ things. Build your minisites too and stay diversified. Figure out a way to build your small sites into big powerful engaging brands. You need a system that works for you.

That’s why I founded SEHabitat… ha.. sounds so grand to say “founded” but really I had it built for my own empire so I wouldn’t suck at growing my smaller sites. That’s what worked for me. Figure out where the barrier is in scaling your empire. Find a solution or make your own and scale up.

Update 10/17/2011

I’ve been following this thread on BHW and wanted to share this quote:

Originally Posted by timshady View Post
I oversee about 50 sites. I’ve seen the following:1. Sites not participating in aggressive link building that have long, quality content are NOT affected.2. Sites with many affiliate links ARE affected.

3. Sites updated FREQUENTLY are affected (negatively) and sites NOT updated frequently haven’t been affected AND / OR are affected in a positive manner.

This is just my experience and what I’ve seen personally from sites I oversee. Anyone see similar stuff?

Could this be step one of a major shake-up? Many times, when I go “down” far, the sites come back better than ever. Hopefully that is the case.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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