Importance of Pinterest for Your SEO Campaign & Tips for Getting the Best Out of it

By Babar  Sep 14, 2012 in SEO  1 Comment

None of the recently launched social networking sites can match the speed with which Pinterest has captured a huge chunk of the user market. For many it is just another social networking site like the hundreds of other ones out there but the reality is quite different.

It calls itself an online pinboard where you can pin images and other stuff that you find interesting and share them with others. Like the rest of the social networking sites you can follow people and have them follow you. Other users can repin your pins and thus it will be spread around the globe.

Today i will be discussing the ways in which you can use Pinterest to promote your business and get traffic to your website. But first to get your attention let’s discuss why is it important for your business.

Why is it Important for Your Business

Just take a look at the stats that have just come out. Pinterest has become the third largest social networking site, after Facebook and Twitter, with more than 10 million new users. This means that it has surpassed Google+, Linkedin and Stumble Upon. Don’t you want to promote your business in such a large community?

Now take a look at the graph below,

According to Shareholic, Pinterest has become the fourth largest traffic source for websites, surpassing search engines like Yahoo and Bing. These stats surely mean that this new social networking site that hit the market just a couple of years ago is here to stay and will grow even more in the coming years. By now i suppose you understand why Pinterest is important for your search engine optimization efforts. It is the third largest social network and the fourth largest source of online traffic, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Tips for Boosting Your SEO Through Pinterest

Now that you understand the importance of Pinterest, here are a few tips for boosting your SEO through it.

1.       Link Pinterest to Facebook & Twitter

Once you have registered a Pinterest account, you will be given the options to sign in with either Facebook or Twitter. You can easily link your Pinterest account to both Facebook and Twitter by using radio buttons to set up the links. Once done, all of your pins and repins will appear on your Facebook timeline and twitter. Flickr is another great way of promoting your pins.

2.       Add Pin it Buttons to Your Website or Blog

Just as the Facebook has its Like and Twitter has its Tweet buttons, Pinterest also has its own Pin it button. Adding a Pin it button allows your readers to share the content of your website or blog via Pinterest. For getting a Pin it button simply log in to your Pinterest and go to About > Pin it button. Once you are on the page look for the Pin it button for the Web Sites. You can copy and paste this code to your page where you want the Pin It button, and now the readers can share your content on Pinterest.

3.       Link Back to Your Website

Linking your pins back to your website can provide you with higher visibility in search engine results. If you pin an image on Pinterest and link it back to your website then you are likely to get much more traffic than when you share an image on Facebook. Trying building as much links to point users back to your website from Pinterest as you can, this will improve your search results.

4.       Keyword Strategy

You will have to add keywords to your pinboards to push them up the search rankings as Google is now indexing personal Pinterest profiles and private Pinterest boards. Try using commonly searched keywords that you think people will most likely use while searching online.

5.       Analytics

You can find a lot more details about the Pinterest sources in Google Analytics than sources from Facebook. Pay attention to these details as it will tell you which pin earned the referral click and will allow you to click through to see the pin on Pinterest.


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  • ambreen11

    Pinterest really won’t help much with organic SEO, but it can drive traffic.Pinterest is a very important apps in my works now a days. You can add a “pin it” button to your blog so users can share your images on Pinterest with a link back to your site. it is crucial to see how you can enjoy the Pinterest SEO advantages and features.