Company History

Hi, I’m Ian Mason, founder of SEHabitat. I’ve made my living online as an affiliate marketer for over 7 years now.

My focus and strategy revolves around SEO. I build small sites and grow them into larger properties with strong, long-term traffic.

Why I Founded SEHabitat

Affiliate marketing is full of barriers. Most people stay stuck at a certain goal they hit, living in the comfort zone. Those of us stay smart and act with strength break through those barriers to the next level. Rinse and repeat.

I noticed I was starting many new sites, buying new domains, and I got some work done on each site. Maybe themed one, added content to another, or went all out for a week building it up. Then what? I would feel uncomfortable and just go back to building up my main money sites.

I saw SEHabitat as a way to break through my plateau. I built this application first to help me organize all my SEO efforts for my empire in one place. That way, I didn’t have to dig through spreadsheets to refresh my memory about where I left off on a certain site.

It was also important for me to see how much revenue, expense and profit each site had, or even each network as a whole. What if I used one particular SEO strategy on one site, but a different strategy on the other. It’d be nice to have clear charts showing me a comparison of how each site performs, so I can know which strategy to apply going forward.

Lastly, having a birds eye view of my empire keeps me encouraged instead of overwhelmed.

I love using SEHabitat and I know you will too.